Boudoir photographer located in Waihi

You could say that I’m a bit of a late bloomer here.

Unlike many who grew up with a camera and born to take photos, I just kind of got into photography by accident.

I worked in a normal job, then a friend told me about classes she took and about photoshop. I liked playing and editing photos, so took a plunge and gave it a go, leaving my job and deciding to study again at 24 years old.

Life got in the way between then and now, such as moving from Auckland to Waihi, going through hard times like we all do, but my want of something more has brought me back here.

Still enjoying the editing and technical process (luckily for everyone else doesn’t matter), I’m constantly striving to improve and have a unique voice, one that I can bring to you.

With this, I want to show how we are all unique and beautiful.

And it is my job to let you see how beautiful you are!


The first, biggest moment that happened upon me doing this, was when I did my first boudoir video of my partner.

She finished watching the first time and started to cry.

Not because I’m horrible, but because she saw how amazing she is. The proof it was good, is that she watched it continuously on loop and has it saved on her phone!

This is the true reward.

As well as my growth, more importantly you will grow as a more confident woman.

It is also a really fun journey through the shoot, as you will be nervous at the start, but as soon as you see the first shoot and how beautiful you look, your confidence grows during the shoot and is really up lifting.

Being part of your journey and see this happen, and capturing, is just amazing to witness.


Birthday? Anniversary? Wedding or Honeymoon? Self love?