Back To Shooting In 2021!

We all know it's been one hell of a year. Some good, and for many, not so much.

I've taken a step back from any photography for a while and has made me reassess areas in my life.

Now I'm glad to say that I am going to be shooting more boudoir again!

There are a few changes to how the shoot will go for now. As with a lot of things I have decided, I am cutting back.

Things have gotten a bit much in the past, so simple is the way to go. Eventually, there will hopefully be more on offer for you all.

Your experience will still be an awesome one, with all the help along the way. The only way is to look forward from the challenges we are all facing, with things around us changing, out of our control.

We will keep in control what we can. Ourselves.

Silhouette woman


Birthday? Anniversary? Wedding or Honeymoon? Self love?

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