Gel Portraits - My Other Work

As well as boudoir work, I also have a bunch of other portraits I do also.

Since we have all been stuck inside due to COVID, I have recently been revisiting other work I've done in the past, and been getting back into creating more of it.

We have all had our challenges. Taking photos of other people, isn't in the card right now.

Luckily, I have a couple girlfriends that live with me that can help. (One of the girlfriend's is the cat. We just call her "Girlfren", I don't know why).

Over the many years of collecting photo gear, this type of look that's definitely a lot easier with a big studio and nice toys to use, can be done anywhere.

This is me. A beautiful accident (one of the first images, better than the rest)

The Girlfriends

Here are a few more works I have done in the past. Once we are able to start seeing people again, it will be exciting to be able to do more of this kind of work.

More portraits can be found on my other site here -

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