Sexy weekend getaway - Motel room boudoir photoshoot

The weekend just gone, my partner and I went away for a nice little getaway. We had a three day weekend and spent the night in a little studio apartment, right beside some hot pools, and a nice, delicious restaurant.

It was some new scenery, so of course, we planned an extra little boudoir photoshoot to make the most of it. A nice little trip to Mount Maunganui, with an extra little bag of lingerie and outfits.

The room was dark and somewhat moody. But there's not much light.

I like to sum up a photographer as a problem solver. It is notorious that motels are some of the worst places for using available light, and this was no exception.

That is also part of the fun.

Much like the boy band Blue says, one love is all you need. In this case, it's one light.

As part of boudoir, you may be very picky about where you want to do a shoot. A “boudoir” isn’t a big fancy studio by its origin after all.

So what makes a boudoir photo? It’s not having the perfect lighting of studio set up. It’s all about the mood, emotion, feeling.

A sneaky, out of town, boudoir photoshoot is perfect for something a little naughty and adventurous.

When you throw out the necessity of having everything a hundred percent ideal and focus on what really matters, boudoir can happen anywhere.

All you need to bring, is your own sexy and a bit of fun!

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