You may be thinking, hiring a woman to take sexy, intimate pictures of you would be an easier option.

If that is what you are most comfortable with, then that is what you should do!

The biggest thing about boudoir photography, in getting those amazing, authentic images, is being comfortable enough to get in that zone.

However, a woman photographer directing other women into different poses may not get them in the zone of feeling sexy, flirty, or sensual, and just end up feeling weird

In general, men and women will have a different perspective.

A plain t-shirt or old top, to you may seem ordinary. To your man, it secretly drives him wild every time you put it on. He remembers the time you stayed over, and had nothing clean to wear. So you "borrowed" one of his shirts, and he loves it.

You may be giving him warm fuzzies you don't even know about.

Best sexy tasteful intimate boudoir photographer

Often, it's easier for a woman to show her sexy side with a male photographer. This is simply due to the dynamics of being a female with a male.

A lot of top end photography, think guy type magazines, happen to mainly be shot by male photographers. Boudoir tends to be female dominant, as it is perceived that a woman will be a safer option.

However, just like these magazines, a professional photographer is focusing on getting a good image. There are a lot of elements to consider as a photographer; the posing, lighting, general atmosphere, what's that funny mark on the wall, there's too much hair awkwardly in your face, and so on.

While this all runs through our heads, somewhat instinctively, the main goal is for everyone to have a wonderful experience, with some amazing pictures to reflect this.

My main piece of advice, find a photographer you are most comfortable with.

Male, female, cat, dog, it's all up to you! If you like the style of someone in particular, you can always ask and go from there. If you feel something isn't right, get out of there fast! This experience should make you feel like a goddess.

Here are some reviews of past clients. Take some time and read how their experience has been.

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